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For those of you that KNOW you have been called be a God Made Millionaire, we want to personally invite you to partner with us and sow a seed, really of any amount. We believe that what you help make happen in someone else’s life, God makes happen in your life. It’s the POWERFUL Life Changing Law of Reciprocity. The only way we can reach the world with the God Made Millionaire message is if we have help along the way. Folks that believe in us and the message that we are bringing. A message that BOLDLY proclaims that there is no such thing as a Self-Made Millionaire and that all wealth comes thru GOD. We are also inspiring and equipping others to activate their God given dreams and inspiring the ones that have activated their god given dreams to dream BIGGER. We would LOVE to have you as a partner and believe your faithfulness can help people around the world activate their God given dreams.

Note: For those of you that feel you are called to be a God Made Millionaire ® and plant a $1,000 seed towards your God given dream, you will be given a private, 30 minute personal call with TC Bradley, so he can align his faith with you and your God-given dream and share his insights on activating your God given dream.

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